Lentiviral Vectors

Lentiviral vector is a powerful tool for delivering target genes into almost all types of dividing and non-dividing mammalian cells. Lentiviral vector integrates into the host genome, allowing long-term stably and high-level gene expression both in vitro and in vivo. Lentivrial vector systems include lentiviral transfer vector and packaging systems. 

cDNA Expression Vector Formats

cDNAs and selection markers driven by different promoters
Cellomics Technology has a big collection of lentiviral transfer vectors with variety of promoters, antibiotic selection and fluorescent protein markers.

cDNA and selection markers driven by the same promoters
IRES/T2A/P2A systems allows co-express your genes with reporters to monitor your genes expression in real time.

Ubstable GFP and luciferase for promoter study
Clone your promoter into the promoterless-unstable GFP or luciferase lentiviral transfer vector. Unstable GFP or lucifease proteins  degrade fast, allowing real-time monitoring of promoter activity.

Inducible Tet-on lentiviral vector
Driven by inducibe tet-on promoter, you can turn on cDNA expression by adding doxycycline.