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Gene Cloning

We provide gene cloning and subcloning services to research laboratories as well as biomedical and pharmaceutical companies. We will assist our valued clients to achieve quality cloning and/or subcloning of DNA constructs for many research purposes, and save your substantial time for other research efforts. Our cloning/subcloning service is highly flexible to meet any specific project requirements. The starting materials can be plasmid DNA or bacterial culture. Prepared DNA will be ready for use.

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  Custom Gene Cloning Service
Service Scopes Gene cloning or subcloning (including shRNA) 
Turnaround Time About 1~2 weeks
What Customer  Provides PCR products, plasmids, cDNA, genomic DNA, phage, cosmid DNA or BAC clone, etc.
What Customer will receive Purified plasmid DNA along with detailed construct map and sequence
Notes All constructs confirmed by sequencing. 

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