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Retrovirus Production

Cellomics Technology, LLC provides customers with flexible and best quality Retroviral vector production services, from construct design, to retroviral vector production, concentration and titration. 

Retroviral vector is a powerful tool for delivering target genes into almost all types of dividing cells in vitro and in vivo. However, production of recombinant retroviral vector is laborious and challenging, especially when high titer of recombinant retroviral vectors (>107 transducing unit (TU)/ml) is required. 

Our standardized and optimized retroviral vector production and strict quality control systems enables us to generate high titer of functional recombinant retroviral vectors for our customers. Our titration procedures determine the quantity of functional retroviral vectors rather than physical retroviral particles.

Notes: One functional unit determined by Cellomics Technology is equivalent to more than 5 units of IFU/ml or TU/ml determined by our competitor. Functional titer is better guidance to determine MOI in gene delivery transduction.  

Turn-around Time: 2-3 weeks 

SKU Description Price Order
Titer (TU/ml): >108 
Volume: 200 ul
Price: $1,590.00 
Titer (TU/ml): >109 
Volume: 200 ul
Price: $2190.00 

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