Lentivirus Packaging System

Successful lentivirus packaging is subjected of number of factors, such as packaging cell line status, transfection efficiency, lentivirus concentration recovery rate, and lentivirus preservation. Any small problems occurred in the process may result in low lentivirus titer or no titer.

Cellomics Technology’s lentiviral packaging system includes well optimized packaging plasmids and high efficient transfection reagent, is ready-to-use for producing the highest titers of replication-incompetent lentivirus. The lentivirus packaging system has a GFP lentiviral transfer vector as a positive control, allowing you to monitor the lentivirus packaging efficiency with GFP fluorescence. Each batch of lentiviral packaging system has been tested for packaging performance.

In addition to lentivirus packaging system that produce integrating lentivirus, we also provide lentvirus packaging system that produce non-integrating lentivirus.