DNA Mutagenesis

DNA Mutagenesis

Cellomics Technology LLC provides DNA mutagenesis service for introduction of single or multiple mutations (substitutions, insertions, deletions, or truncations) into existing DNA sequences.

We use a targeted PCR-based process to introduce genetic variations precisely to the sites where they are needed/ We further clone the construct into the vector of your choice. All constructs are 100% sequence-verified and documented to help assure that the DNA you receive is exactly what you’ve requested. Our turnaround time is about 1-2 weeks.

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  DNA Mutagenesis Service
Service Scopes Point mutation (single or multiple bases mutation), insertion or deletion.
Turnaround Time About 1~2 weeks
What Customer  Provides Plasmid with target gene or sequence
What Customer will receive Purified plasmid DNA along with detailed construct map and sequence
Notes All mutations confirmed by sequencing.