Lentivirus Freeze-Thaw Protection Medium

LentiGuard®, revolutionary solution blocking lentivirus quality deterioration

Lentivirus particles are damaged constantly, resulting in percentage of functional lentivirus particles decrease that is a big hurdle for, successfully and consistently, transducing target cells in vitro and in vivo. It has been challenging to keep lentivirus particles in excellent quality.

Recombinant lentivirus stock is more stable at ultra-low temperature, that is why lentivirus stock has to be snap-frozen in liquid nitrogen or dry ice/ethanol bath, and kept at ultra-low temperature, usually -60 °C to -90 °C. However, more than 50% lentiviral particles may loss function from just one freeze-thaw cycle. Lentivirus stocks become useless after several freeze-thaw cycles.

The scientists of Cellomics Technoloy, LLC have discovered new technology * to effectively block lentivirus particle damage. We are proud to announce our game-changing product that prevents lentivirus particle damage from freeze-thaw cycles and temperature fluctuation in lentivirus storage. Up to more than 90% lentivirus particles are in perfect functional status in transducing target cells even after six freeze-thaw cycles.

*: Patent is pending.

  • lentivirus freeze-thaw, lentivirus stabilizer
    Price: $390.00