Vector Format Collection

Cellomics Technology, LLC is a professional recombinant lentivirus vector manufacturer which possesses a variety of lentiviral transfer vector formats for customers to choose. We are more than happy to generate customary vectors for you if none of our vector existing formats meets your need.

All of our lentiviral transfer vectors contain both 5’ and 3’ lentiviral LTR and all necessary elements for effective transduction and expression of your target genes as well as antibiotics resistant genes or reporters. A woodchuck hepatitis virus posttranscriptional regulatory element (WPRE) is known to promote RNA processing events and nuclear export, boosting expression of your gene of interest in target cells by facilitating the production of mature mRNA from transcripts initiated by the vector's internal promoter (e.g. pCMV).

Different kind of internal promoters are used to drive the expression of interested genes, such as CMV, EF1 or other tissue or cell specific promoters. Interested gene can be expressed alone or fused into either the N- or C- terminus of GFP fluorescent proteins, c-myc or histidine tags, for easy tracking of expression and protein trafficking. Antibiotic resistant gene engineered in lentiviral transfer vectors provides efficient screening to select stable transductants.

Promoter For Target Gene Reporters Selection Gene
CMV/EF1A/MSCV/others GFP/LacZ/others Puromycin/Hygromycin/Neomycin/others