Premade Lentivirus

Lentiviral vector transduction is a powerful tool for delivering target genes into almost all types of dividing and non-dividing mammalian cells. Lentiviral vector can stably integrate into the host genome, allowing long-term stably, high-level gene expression both in vitro and in vivo. Standardized and optimized lentivirus particle production and strict quality control system leads to high titers of recombinant lentivirus particles.

High Functional Titers

The titration procedure is optimized to determine the quantity of functional lentivirus rather than physical lentiviral particles. Functional titers of premade lentivirus particles have been found to be 10x greater than premade particles available from other commercial sources.

Serum-Free, Ready for In Vivo Transduction

All premade lentiviruses are serum-free and Ready-To-Use for both in vitro and in vivo transduction of your target cells.

Provided in Small Aliquots

These serum-free and purified lentiviruses are provided in 25┬Ál of aliquots to avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles that significantly decrease the lentivirus titers.


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