Qun Jiang, a leading scientist of an innovative CAR-T therapy team, NIH,  Bethesda, Maryland

"Where we are at the forefront of developing cutting-edge CAR-T therapies. Our work heavily depends on using viral vector delivery systems to genetically engineer target cells. Facing setbacks in our projects because of poor-quality lentivirus, which effectively wasted our time and efforts, has been incredibly frustrating. This issue led us to switch to CellomicsTech's Lentivirus five years ago. Since then, we've consistently received products that not only meet our expectations for reliability and efficiency but also come with quick turnaround times. The Cellomics Tech team's prompt and attentive response has been remarkable."


Xi (Hill) Liu, serving as a Senior Principal Scientist supervising Molecular Pharmacology Program,  National Laboratory for Cancer Research, Frederick, Maryland

"We consider Cellomics Technology, LLC an essential partner and supplier, especially for their extraordinary work in viral vector production. Their production has great efficiency, often yielding tenfold higher titer than what we are able to achieve. The viral vectors excel in both in vitro and in vivo applications, proving to be indispensable reagents that significantly expedite the progression of our projects.  By the way, their high titers bring about considerable cost savings in in vivo experiments. Moreover, we've learned that Cellomics is in the process of establishing a cGMP viral vector production line. This development is particularly exciting, as it promises to significantly benefit the broader biotech and pharmaceutical industries. We eagerly anticipate the impact this will have on the field".


Yang et al. from the Methodist Hospital Research Institute, Weill Cornell Medical College published their article "Aurora-B Mediated ATM Serine 1403 Phosphorylation Is Required for Mitotic ATM Activation and the Spindle Checkpoint" in the prestigious journal Molecular Cell (impact factor 14.178) in 2011 (Mol. Cell. 2011, 44 (4): 597-608). Products from Cellomics Technology contributed to their excellent results. Quote from the manuscript: "The Aurora B siRNA resistant construct was created by Cellomics Technology."