Cellomics Technology, LLC

is dedicated to developing innovative tools for mammalian cells gene engineering, including gene knockout, knockdown and overexpression. Top scientific excellence is the goal and focus of our scientists for both our products and services. Cellomics Technology provides a variety of products and custom services on somatic and stem cell genetic engineering to accelerate your research.

Lentivirus is the most effective way to deliver gene into hard-to-transfect cells, such as T cells and neuron cells. The transgene is stably integrated into host cell genome after lentivirus transduction, making stable cell line generation much easier. We offer a wide array of lentiviral products for your mammalian cell gene engineering needs. Our unique and large premade lentivirus collection includes fluorescent reporters driven by different promoters, cell signaling reporters, cell markers, CRISPR-Cas9, animal imaging and others.  You could order these premade lentiviruses and get delivered within 24 hours. Our unique, unprecedent products also cover all the respects of viral vector production and applications, such as lentivirus/retrovirus concentration reagent ViroGold, lentivirus preservation reagent LentiGuard*, and quick lentivirus titration kit LentiMeter.  All these products are authentic products based on our solid research discoveries.  

Our next generation cell transfection reagent Cellite® provides a best choice for nonviral gene delivery into mammalian cells including hard-to-transfect cells, such as T cells and neuron cells. The efficiency of our gene delivery products stand out in most of cells comparing to other transfection reagents, including primary cells and cell lines. It is an ideal option for the cells sensitive to environment stimuli because transfection takes only twenty minutes.

Cellomics Technology, LLC offers an assortment of custom services, custom lentivirus/retrovirus/AAV virus productions, cell line generation services including gene overexpression, CRISPR-Cas9 based knockout/knockin, and reporter cell line generation services.