EliteTrust Custom Lentivirus Production

EliteTrust Custom Lentivirus Production

Cellomics Technology, LLC provides customers with flexible and best quality lentiviral vector production services, from construct design, to lentivral vector production, concentration and titration. 

Lentiviral vector is a powerful tool for delivering target genes into almost all types of dividing and non-dividing mammalian cells in vitro and in vivo. However, production of recombinant lentiviral vector is laborious and challenging, especially when high titer of recombinant lentiviral vectors (>107 transducing unit (TU)/ml) is required. 


We have big collection of premade Ready-To-Use lentiviruses to meet general purposes. Please check out our  Pre-made lentivirus first, to see if we have ready-to-use lentivirus for your purpose.   We also provide custom services to make lentivirus for you if no lentivirus is available to meet you need. 

Our standardized and optimized lentiviral vector production lines and strict quality control systems enables us to generate the best quality of recombinant lentivirus for our customers in shortest turnaround time.

Our unique lentivirus concentration reagent ViroGold and purification technologies set strong foundation for us to produce high purity lentivirus. The final lentivirus delivered to customers is preserved in LentiGuard reagent, invented by scientists of Cellomics Technology, LLC, keeping your experiments consistent and reliable all the time. 

Finally, all the lentivirus are titrated with functional assay, rather than physical titration assay, such as p24 ELISA, or lentivirus genome copy number in stock determined with qPCR. The functional titer is the best reference to calculate how much lentivirus stock need in target cell transduction experiment.  


Advantages of our custom lentivirus production service:

1. Shortest Turnaround time;

2. Preserved in LentiGuard

3. Functional titration;

4. High purity and low cytotoxicity for in vitro and in vivo




  1. Lentiviral vector titer by functional unit is determined by Cellomics Technology, LLC, that is equivalent to more than 5 times higher than that determined by physical particle titration, such as p24, conventional qPCR, etc. 
  2. Our unique concentration and purification technologies using ViroGold greatly enhances lentivirus purity  by getting rid of host proteins from packaging cell lines.  That makes sure the delivered lentivirus in high purity and low cytotoxicity. 
  3. All lentiiviruses are preserved in LentiGuard, special reagent invented by scientists of Cellomics Technology, LLC, that will keep lentivirus in high quality and high titer all the time, by protecting lentivirus from damage resulted from freeze-thaw cycles. 
  4. One unit of lentivirus from Cellomics Technology, LLC is roughly equivalent to more than 5 units of IFU/ml or TU/ml from our competitor.
  5.  Turn-around Time: 1-2 weeks.  


Cat. No.  Description Vector Titer
Volume Turnaround Time
(construct generation not included)
CLVP-106-010ML Custom Crude Lentivirus Production


10 ml

1-2 weeks


CLVP-107-001ML Custom Low-Titer of Lentivirus Production      >107

1 ml


1-2 weeks



CLVP -108-200UL Custom Medium-Titer of Lentivirus Production


 200 µl

 1-2 weeks


CLVP-109-200UL Custom High-Titer of Lentivirus Production


 200 µl

1-2 weeks


CLVP-110-020UL Custom Ultra-High-Titer of Lentivirus Production


 20 µl

1-2 weeks


CLVP-Quota Ultra Large Scale of Lentivirus Production



1-3 weeks

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How custom lentivirus production service proceeds:

If lentiviral construct is ready, please provide us:

1. The construct map or sequence. 

2.1~5 µg of your lentiviral construct plasmid DNA or bacterial culture.

We will prepare Endotoxin-free plasmid and transfect our packaging cell line for your lentivirus production. Lentiviral particles will be harvested followed by concentration and titration.

For 200 ul of lentivirus production,  You will receive eight  25 µl aliquots.

If you need us to generate lentiviral transfer vector for your target gene, please:

1. Choose lentiviral vector format from our vector collection and specify the gene of interest.

2. Please send us 1~5 µg plasmid or bacterial culture for your gene if it is available, otherwise please send us cDNA sequence.

We will subclone the gene of interest or shRNA into the chosen lentiviral vector and confirm its accuracy by sequencing.

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