EliteTrust Cell Authentication Service

Cellomics Technology, LLC offers quality-guaranteed EliteTrust Cell Authentication Service, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your cell cultures. The critical need for cell line authentication arises from the recurrent issues of cross-contamination and misidentification that have plagued the scientific community. These problems often stem from cell transfer errors, incorrect labeling, or mistakes happened during cell culture. Identifying misidentification is notably challenging due to the morphological similarities among mammalian cells. The notorious spread of HeLa cell contamination in various U.S. research labs serves as a prime example, causing considerable loss of valuable time, resources, and leading to invalidated research outcomes and progress delays.

The gold standard for human cell line authentication, Short Tandem Repeat (STR) profiling, excels in this regard. It amplifies specific DNA sequences that vary widely among individuals to create a distinctive genetic fingerprint for each cell line. This highly sensitive method is adept at spotting both interspecies contamination and misidentifications among human cell lines. Our EliteTrust Cell Authentication Service compares the STR profiles of your cells with known reference profiles in databases, either confirming the cell line's identity or flagging discrepancies that suggest contamination or misidentification.

Beyond ensuring the integrity of research, human cell line authentication is crucial for the development of therapeutics, vaccines, and understanding disease mechanisms. Its significance is acknowledged by major scientific journals and funding agencies, which now require authentication for studies involving human cell lines, highlighting its role in maintaining high research standards and supporting dependable scientific progress. In essence, human cell line authentication serves as a powerful tool to solid the foundation of ethical research practices, crucial for the validation of scientific findings and efficient resource use. Our EliteTrust Cell Authentication Service has helped lotos researchers to confidently link their results to the correct cell lines, paving the way for trustworthy scientific advancements.

Our EliteTrust Cell Authentication Service is designed to be adaptable, accepting a range of sample forms such as cells in culture or frozen vials. We also provide a fast-track service option, ensuring results are delivered within just three days.

Key benefits of choosing our EliteTrust Cell Authentication Service include:

  1. Rapid Results: Standard turnaround time of 10 days, with an expedited option to receive results in just 3 days.
  2. Versatile Sample Submission: We accommodate samples in cell culture flasks or as frozen cells.
  3. Comprehensive Cell Integrity Checks: Optional services like mycoplasma contamination tests and animal virus contamination tests are available for a thorough assessment of your cell lines. For more information, please visit our website sections on Cell Line Mycoplasma Contamination Test and Animal Virus Contamination Test.


Cat. No.  Description Cell Number to Submit Volume Turnaround Time
(construct generation not included)
 ETCAS-01 EliteTrust Cell Authentication Service

0.5 to 1 million cells 


1-2 weeks


ETCAS-02  Expediate EliteTrust Cell Authentication Service     0.5 to 1 million cells 



3 days




How EliteTrust Cell Authentication Service proceeds:


1. Contact Cellomics Technology Customer Service to place order:

Phone: 1-800-586-6038 or

Email:  [email protected]

2. Ship your fresh culture or frozen cell pellet to: 

Cellomics Technology, LLC

1448 South Rolling Road, Suite 123

Halethorpe, MD 21227

What you will receive: 

Cell line STR profiling Report, including result, analysis and conclusion by  Email.