Lentivirus Concentration Reagent

Lentivirus concentration is tedious, labor consuming, time-consuming and challenging process, it is one of the critical factors to which the titer and purity of final lentivirus stock is subjected. Unsuccessful concentration of lentivirus results in impure and low titer of lentivirus.

Commonly used lentivirus concentration methods, such as ultrafiltration and ultracentrifugation, are tedious and labor-consuming, resulting in impure lentivirus stock with lots of cell debris and protein contaminates from cell culture medium. The pellet from ultracentrifugation is big and dense, hard to dissolve by vigorous vortexing or pipetting up and down, even soaking pellet in PBS overnight does not help much. Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) precipitation is another common used method to concentrate lentivirus, PEG helps lentivirus in supernatant precipitate in low centrifuge speed. However, it is impossible to concentrate over hundred folds by this method because final pellet size is too big due to impure and PEG, and there is no way to get rid of PEG from the lentivirus stock. Furthermore, recovery rate for PEG base lentivirus concentration is frequently low, partly due to precipitate covering too big area on the wall of the centrifuge tube or bottle to completely harvest.  

Our unique and an easy-to-use lentivirus concentration reagent EZ-ViroGold is labor-saving, efficient and convenient for lentivirus concentration. More important, the concentrated lentivirus stock is superior pure than the other methods, such as ultracentrifugation, PEG precipitation, ultrafiltration, etc. The EZ-ViroGold saves you a significant amount of time on virus concentration, the total manual operation takes less than 10 minutes. All you need to do is adding EZ-ViroGold to your lentivirus supernatant in centrifuge tube, centrifuge overnight, discard the supernatant, dissolve small pure virus pellet. Unlike ultracentrifugation and PEG based lentivirus concentration, the lentivirus pellet from EZ-ViroGold is very easy to be dissolved in two minutes. The concentrated lentivirus is ultrapure, can be used for both in vitro and in vivo applications.

After concentration, the lentivirus stock can be stored in Lentivirus Freeze-Thaw Protection Medium LentiGuard to prevent lentivirus titer loss during the freeze-thaw cycles.

Price: $219.00